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Steel windows have been, and still are, the preferred choice of architects.
Especially when their function is not to close a hole in a wall but a significant contribution to the character and overall appearance of a building.

The minimalist aesthetics of solid hot rolled steel profiles and their ability to shape windows is unique. Their slender lines appear to lose weight and
give lightness to the frames, emphasizing the transparency of a façade.

This elegance is difficult to match with the bulky profiles of alternative materials.
Ideal for historical renovation, but fascinating also for new high-end residential and commercial buildings.

We are proud to be the exclusive distributors and fitters of the steel windows and doors.

We can supply traditional steel windows as well as the thermal line with frames that could meet the highest performance and insulation standards.
We bring our experience and knowledge to each product we offer and our windows met the British quality standard BS 6510.

What makes us unique is that we specialize mainly in steel windows and doors. Our backgrounds range from construction management to architecture. This combination of knowledge and hands on experience sets us apart, as we help facilitate projects by developing all of the details starting with the surround and waterproofing details, design, structural requirements and installation details.


FerroFinestra® W20 Clasic – Originally, the W20 range had been developed for commercial and industrial applications. In recent decades, it has been rediscovered for contemporary residential architecture in milder climatic zones. The somatic marker of this classic suite is the “stepped” design of the flanges. This detail confers windows nice proportions and shadow lines and allows to achieve a glass pane planarity between fixed and operable windows.
FerroFinestra® W40 – The classic W40 range is an evolution of the famous W20 range developed in 1964. Produced for the first time in 1995 it consists of 18 profiles and follows the unmistakable classic design of its predecessor. The strong point of this “young” series, is the increased profile depth, which allows to accommodate double glazing up to a thickness of 27mm. The W40 suite proposed by OTTOSTUMM is not only used in the field of restoration, but it’s also highly acclaimed in contemporary architecture for its elegant and compact sightlines, ensuring safety and comfort thanks to its excellent thermal and acoustic performance. Despite the depth of this system is only of 42 respectively 47 mm, technically it is considered a “heavy duty” range, which allows making large windows thanks to the extraordinary strength of steel.
Any kind of inward or outward openings: side-hung, double-vent (French style), bottom-hung, top-hung or projected top-hung, horizontally and vertically pivoted windows, as well as large sliding and folding doors.

The Windows of FerroFinestra W50TB are the technological answer to the ever demanding building performance requirements. The innovative technological solution, known as “THERMAL BREAK” joint, allows for highly structural profiles with low visual impact. This guarantees the highest performance requirements in terms of energy saving, maximum comfort, acoustic insulation, resistance to weather, active and passive safety and low maintenance cost.


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Thermal Line


Fero line classic